May 31, 2012

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April 30, 2012

Huey Lewis & The News

Heart & Soul (Single Version) 3:55
Heart & Soul (Special Mix) 6:42
Heart Of Rock & Roll (London/Tokyo Extended Mix)  5:05
Heart Of Rock & Roll (Live) 5:15
Hip To Be Square (Dub) 5:11

I Want A New Drug:
12" Extended Dance Mix 5:32
Instrumental 4:30
New Mix 4:43
Live - from Power Of Love Single
Herbal Club Mix - with DJ Russ Harris      
Hard Club Mix - with DJ Russ Harris     
Original Filtered Mix - with DJ Russ Harris

Jacob's Ladder (Live - from Single) 4:45
Power Of Love (Short Version) 4:18
Power Of Love (Instrumental) (4:12)
Walking On A Thin Line (Single Version) 3:58
Walking On A Thin Line (Extended Mix) 5:08
Workin' For A Livin' (Live - from 1982 Single)  

April 27, 2012

Doobie Brothers

Listen To The Music:
 Man City Dub
Rampantly Pleasurable Mix 8:56
Overworld Extended Mix 5:51

Long Train Runnin':

Sure Is Pure 12" Mix 9:26
Full Guitar Mix 5:31
Full Organ Mix 5:30
Showbiz In Peril Mix 7:55
Future Funk Remix 5:44
Digit & Illinton Remix 8:02
Specialised Classic Remix
Classic NYC 12" Mix 10:03

April 26, 2012

Robin S. - Show Me Love

Single Edit  3:42
Radio Mix 3:20
Tyrrell Mix 7:05
StoneBridge '99 Update Mix  10:07    
Pacha Mama Mix 9:50
Nick Nice Club Mix
Tonka's Club Mix  5:35
Tonka's Pianomission Mix  4:40
Montego Mix  6:45
Aka Mix 6:50
Stone's Club Mix  7:35
Stone's Dark Mix
Stone's Essential Mix
Stone's Instrumental Mix   
JJ'S Mellow Mix
Power Pop Radio Mix   
Pop Radio Mix
Jo Jo Venus Super Edit  4:26
Neo Clubmix  8:56
Todd Edwards Mix 7:15
Diesel Remix       
Kerri Chandler Mix
U.K. Radio Mix  3:19    
USA Radio Mix 4:09
Lisa Marie Vocal Experience 8:15   
Lisa Marie Sequential Dub 7:10
Dub 3:30   
New York Mix 5:51   
Maritius Mix 4:07
DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark's Hit Step Mix 5:37    
DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark's 2k1 Dub 5:58   
DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark's 2k1 Vocal Mix 6:19
Onionz Vocal Mix         
Onionz Acid Lovers Dub
Pressure Unit's 2006 Rework - Main      7:12    
Pressure Unit's 2006 Rework - Reprise 5:13
Steve Angello & Laidback Luke Bootleg Version 5:15    
Steve Angello & Laidback Luke Extended Mix 5:45
AC Slater Vocal Mix - with Steve Angello & Laidback Luke 5:50
AC Slater Dub - with Steve Angello & Laidback Luke 4:36
Mobin Masters Club Mix
Mobin Masters Radio Edit  3:12    
Safari Mix - with Mobin Masters 7:10   
Ali Payami Mix 6:50   
Hot Rats Mix 7:45   
DJ Puddy Mix - with Mobin Masters 7:00   
Wideboys Bassline Mix 6:26
Dirty House Collective Mix


Backyard (No Rap Edit)          
Backyard (7" Rap Mix) 4:20
Backyard (Outta The Hood Without Rap) (4:46)
Backyard (Outta The Hood With Rap) (4:46)
Backyard (Outta The Hood Instrumental) (4:46)
Backyard (Outta The Hood Version) (7:07)
Backyard (Uptown Club Mix) (7:55)
Backyard (Uptown Mix Without Rap) (4:12)
Backyard (Extended Brixton Vibe) (6:10)
Backyard (Brixton Club Mix) (6:13)
Backyard (Brixton Instrumental) (4:19)
Backyard (UPSO Mix) (5:56)
Backyard (UPSO Dub) (4:14)
Backyard (Timies Beats) (1:45)
Girlfriend (7" Mix) 3:43
Girlfriend (Radio Edit) 5:45
Girlfriend (Extended Mix) (6:49)
Girlfriend (Extended Instrumental) (6:49)
Girlfriend (7" Instrumental) (4:19)
Girlfriend (Dub) (4:54)
Girlfriend (Vocal Edit) (5:45)
Girlfriend (Drum Beats) (5:15)
Girlfriend (DJ E-Man Mix)
Girlfriend (Percussabassapella) (4:59)
Giving You The Benefit (Beneficial Beats) (3:10)
Mercedes Boy (Single Mix) 3:55
Mercedes Boy (Long Version) 6:11
Mercedes Boy (Bonus Beats) (3:38)
Mercedes Boy (Instrumental) (7:20)
Mercedes Boy (Ultimix) (6:11)
Mercedes Boy (Dub) (7:29)
Mercedes Boy (Bonus Beats) (3:38)
Mercedes Boy (DJ E-Man Mix)
Take Your Time (Single Version) 4:20
Take Your Time (Radio Edit) 5:57
Take Your Time (7" Instrumental) (5:23)
Take Your Time (Bonus Beats) 6:07 

April 24, 2012

90's Pop & R&B Males


Mono Radio Edit 3:25
DJ Jeffe Mix 7:00
Paul Kalkbrenner Mix
Nick-V Mix
Praise A Wicked Game Mix / vs. Chris Isaac


Underground Mix 5:23
Extended Clearly 5:19
Extended Original 5:12


Instrumental 3:51
vs. Rihanna
JMG Bass Mix
Dasbananovic Mix


Single Version/No Distortion 3:52
Full Version/No Distortion 4:23
Timbaland Mix 3:50
Timbaland Instrumental 4:52


Bradley D Hinkle Mix 7:07
You Can't Mix This 6:28
Beam vs. Cyrus Flashrider Mix 7:01
Beam vs. Cyrus Jens O. Mix 7:11

 MK with Alana - LOVE CHANGES
Single Mix 3:56
Deep Mix 6:33
Rough Mix 6:06


Razor-N-Go Club / Main Mix 10:33
Razor-N-Go No Rap Mix 9:11
Razor-N-Go Come Out Acappella 3:59
Razor-N-Go 14th Street Duhb 4:40
Mixshow Radio Edit 3:54
Clean Radio Edit 4:12
Instrumental 4:12


Radio Edit
Single Version - Clean
TV Track


Lionel Vinyl's Owner Of A Lonely Butt / vs. Romantics
Tekno-Metal Club Mix 8:00
Hurricane Mix 5:04
Glamorous Techno Dub 6:46
Hard Beats 4:52
Bass Boom Mix